About us

Cornish Rebels Athletic Club is an affiliated club set up to promote participation in road, cross country and senior track and field athletics to a high level in Cornwall. 

The club was formed by a few athletes wishing to achieve higher levels of performance than was readily available. Whilst many athletes remained members of other established athletic clubs in Cornwall, the overriding feeling was that those clubs held back performance by not embracing the concept of elite training.

If you wish to embrace the concept of elite level training to achieve higher level performances, then we may be the club for you. If you have any queries then please contact us.

Cornish Rebels elite Athletic running track club

We have links to the two main track and field clubs in the County, namely Newquay & Par AC based at Par and Cornwall AC based at Carn Brea.

We also run some sessions from the Newquay Sports Centre. 

We can work with individuals or groups and consider anyone 14 years or over with aspirations to be at least good County level in whatever discipline they wish to compete in. There is a joining fee which includes a full set of kit for £33.50. We provide tailor made programs, introduce you to the best coaches in the County for the discipline of your choice and provide coaching at an elite level. All coaching is free. Note there is usually a charge for use of facilities.

If you are interested in getting into running or track and field athletics, then go to the Contact Us page and contact us at the foot of the page. An enquiry form will be despatched for your completion.